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Sabìr means ‘knowledge’ in a language that is many languages. A fusion used for centuries as a lingua franca in Mediterranean ports, a meeting point for goods, cultures, ideas and adventures.
Sabìr is about finding common languages, welcoming places to be able to understand and accept each other, despite differences.
Sabìr is the publishing house with a sail, telling stories that are all different, but all aimed at this quest. This is what we do when we choose our illustrated books and our books.
We love to explore: always remaining within this great theme, the stories we can tell are many, the different points of view almost infinite. The most distant illustration styles and techniques can comfortably find their place side by side, in our holds. We love little-trodden paths: that is why we look with great curiosity and interest at those who are at the beginning of the journey, that is why, every year, we leave a little space on our decks for newcomers on their first journey. Because if, as we strongly believe, in ‘publishing house’ the word that really counts is ‘house’, this must be true for the authors who set sail with us.
To our readers, young and old, the ultimate motive for all our work, we instead propose the opposite: a little piece of the unknown to travel far, pages to discover and explore.
Always with a tone that is a little funny and a little poetic, to be able to talk about everything, to everyone, with a smile.

Our books are organised in six thematic series
Lallero, the illustrated books, the largest part of our production.
The Forges, the workshop books.
The fiction dedicated to different age groups: The Gems (7+), The Silks (10+) and The Spices (young adult)
The Pilot books, the graphic novels.

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